Sep 092011

File this in the hilarity section of logic and reason.  Through some amazing twist of delicious fate, there was news of dealing with panhandlers through more laws and government rules to supplement my recent post.   A local newspaper addressed the issue and the different ways of dealing with panhandling.  Of note is the fact that never once did the article suggest to stop giving them money as previously suggested here.  But then again personal accountability and restraint are fringe/kook ideas so I can see why the newspaper didn’t address the market cure.  It did however have various locals discussing the issue.  Enter the hilarity part, and file it under the sheep-who-follow the-government-can-solve-all-problems file.  Here is a direct quote from the article:

Nonprofit leaders told the council a panhandling ban would “criminalize homelessness” and said the city should try to increase funding for housing and employment training. . .”People who are begging on the streets are not distractions, they’re reminders that our government has failed so many,” said Linda Karson, a local homeless advocate.

Of course Ms. Karson, who obviously depends on government to take care of everything, thinks that we need additional spending, er…funding is the correct word, for housing and additional spend…er, funding for employment training.  What’s amazing is that Ms. Karson and I agree on one point albeit for different reasons, that is, “that our government has failed so many.”  It has.

While I’m sure Ms. Karson thinks that the government hasn’t done enough and therefore has, “failed” she’s wrong.  It’s that the government has done too much, and failed at it…repeatedly.  The repercussions of the rules and regulations multiplying faster than at any time in history is paralyzing to business and employment.  The uncertainty of what laws and rules are coming is devastating to business and investment.  What company is going to invest money in something when there is no way to tell if that will be illegal, or taxed, or regulated further in the future?

Ms. Karson, government has failed, and the last thing you should want is more of it.


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