Nov 062011

There are many of us who are not particularly endeared with being called “Libertarians.” The true name for those who believe in liberty being the supreme political tenet is “Classic Liberal.” The founders of Classical Liberalism philosophy include John Locke, Adam Smith, most of the founding fathers, and more recently Hayek and Friedman. However, so devoid is the modern liberal of ideas, that they had to actually steal our name. Hence, the idea of any Libertarian being confused with a modern liberal is so offensive that it becomes necessary to avoid the term “liberal” in any form.

Dr. Nigel Ashford presents an outstanding introduction to what it means to be a, “Classic Liberal” in the truest sense. It is, without doubt, that the explanation provided by Dr. Ashford encompasses the overwhelming majority of those who call themselves Libertarians. It is almost impossible to understand how ANYONE can disagree with these concepts, but we all know they do. Amazingly, tolerance is one of the tenets of being a Classic Liberal.

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