Nov 222011

The Supercommittee is dead, long live the Supercommittee. It’s death is the best thing that could have happened…and it’s resurrection on every budgetary matter would be equally welcome. Despite the general media consensus that it was a horrible and nationally crippling failure, there is a resounding success in gridlock reigning in government expansion and growth. Hooray for legislative gridlock and regulatory failure.

There is a school of thought, and has tremendous validity, that gridlock is good. The more the guys in Washington argue and disagree the more they leave us alone. It’s when Washington agrees and cooperates that we get the ridiculous rules, laws, regulation and spending on which we are now choking. Those of us who want to expand freedom and limit government generally know that any time those in power are fighting, liberty is preserved.

If the only way to reign in the exponentially growing government is to name a Supercommittee for every budgetary matter, maybe, just maybe, our children will get to enjoy a smaller government, and more liberty, than we do today. Embrace the failure, it makes you free.

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