Jan 032012

2012 is upon us and with it, the implementation of government laws and regulations to ring in the new year. Forty Thousand, that’s right, 40,000 new laws were enacted by federal and state legislatures became effective on January 1, 2012.

Don’t think for a minute that this is the total of laws, no sir. All of the previous laws and regulations are still on the books. These 40,000 are brand spanking new and are IN ADDITION TO the already existing laws. Continue reading to enjoy some of the deliciousness doled out by government.

Here are some of the important laws effective on January 1, 2012:

  • Washington approved special license plates to support volunteer fire fighters and music teachers.
  • Utah made it illegal to have alcoholic drink specials based on the time of day.  Basically, Utah has banned happy hour.  (Well, there has never been a “happy hour” in the history of Utah anyway…so no loss there).
  • New York made it illegal to possess bear gall bladders.  Not really sure how to make a sarcastic comment on this law, it sort of speaks for itself.
  • California made it mandatory to learn about important gays/lesbians/cross-gender in government school social studies classes.  So now, Ru Paul is going to be a guest lecturer and the most popular show and tell item in California government schools in 2012.
  • Georgia now requires many safety features on golf carts.  This is based on Georgia now allowing golf carts to be driven on the roads.  In celebration, many Georgians have modified their carts to the regional preferences.  Here is a beauty:

    Georgia Golf Cart

    Georgians can now drive golf carts around town

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