Jan 272012

There are times where the readers of LibertyInfusion use the site as an outlet for frustration. Here is an email from a small business owner detailing the frustration his small business faces every day dealing with government interference. Make sure to read the entire message as it has a surprise ending. The letter is published here without any corrections or modifications:

Here is a quick not so funny story.
I was listening to BBC world news on January 26th 2012 and caught the broadcast in the middle.
An eloquent economist was speaking on how the economy could not move forward because of government intervention. He said there was so much government intervention on business that it was impossible for a small company to succeed and corruption by larger corporations in league with government officials depressed the economy as well. As he stated all of this I thought how right he is. I find that each month that goes by the government makes it harder for me to run my business. These regulations are burdensome and expensive. They serve no purpose but to give someone in the movement even more power.
Here comes the funny part. The economist was talking about China. I was sure he was talking about the United States. How sad that I confused my great country with a communist country, but the parallels are so strong when it comes to government intervention in business, who can blame me?

Who can blame you indeed. We couldn’t have said it better.

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