Jan 062012

I recently ran across a very interesting little fact that didn’t really surprise me, but the more I thought about it the more it troubled me.  I then saw a video that incorporated the issue into the video.  The troubling little fact has to do with a Google search.  Specifically, what comes up when you type the following into Google:
“How do I qualify” that is, nothing else. Just type in, “How do I qualify” and see what comes up. Here is a screenshot of what I got when I typed that in:

How do I qualify for government help

Google search shows top searches for how do i qualify

Notice that EVERY SINGLE result is how to qualify for a government program, either state or federal. Not, how do I qualify for college, or how do I qualify for a home mortgage. That means that the top searches in Google among the millions and millions of searches a day involve people researching how to qualify for government programs.

Here is the video that sent me over the edge on this issue.

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