Jan 312012

Here is one for you: a man walking 2 lapdogs, off leash, in a National Park was tazed by a Park Ranger. According to the Park Service the man had no ID and was walking his dogs without a leash. When the man tried to walk away, the Park Ranger tazed him…IN THE BACK! Witnesses to the incident were in shock and couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. That’s right folks, you better have your government issued ID on you and you better not walk your lapdogs in a National Park without a leash. Once again, we see the ridiculous abuse of power. Oh, it’s worth mentioning, that dogs were not required to be on a leash just a few weeks before this man was tazed. Welcome to your National Park, walk right in, and get tazed in the back.

See an article about it here.

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