Feb 162012

Most good Classic Liberals are not too keen on being labeled, “Libertarian.” Maybe it comes from the perceived kook factor, or the idea that we don’t want to lose the label we had for so long before the modern liberal/statist stole our name. Anyway, a little libertarian humor is always a great way to identify with people who may hold your views, and educate those who may not understand. Self-deprecating humor is even better. This recent picture, from WhatWeThinkandWhy says alot:

What we think and why about Libertarians

Not too far from the truth

  2 Responses to “A Little Libertarian Humor”

  1. Yes, the modern America liberal is a statist. He is also a socialist. I really don’t know any more classical liberals, most now call themselves libertarians.

    • That’s true. It’s a bit unfortunate because the tenets of classic liberalism are what libertarianism morphed into. I can certainly understand that the originators of the Libertarian party did not want to be confused with the current liberal. Whenever I tell someone I am a classic liberal it is automatically assumed it’s an American Liberal.

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