Feb 032012

Operation “Fast and Furious” has been an absolute nightmare for the Department of Justice and for Attorney General Eric Holder. In short, the Department of Justice and ATF operated a gun smuggling sting operation that failed miserably. In typical government fashion, they lost track of some very heavy firepower which ended up in hands of the drug cartels and used against American law enforcement.

On February 2, 2012 Eric Holder was being questioned about his conflicting comments on the issue of Fast and Furious. The Representative questioning Holder was one Raul Labrador, a Representative from Idaho. Holder, obviously shaken by the questioning, tells Labrador who is of Puerto Rican decent, “Maybe this is the way you do things in Idaho or wherever you’re from.” Wait, what?

Can you imagine what would happen if someone ever said something like that to Holder, or President Obama? One of the common issues with criticizing the first half-white President at all is the issue of being called a racist. It seems that any objection to the policies or programs is met with the label racist. Well what of Holder telling an Idahoan? Idahoite? Idahoican?…whatever they’re called, “whereever you’re from?” Would Holder have said that to Harry Reid from Nevada?

To those who always play the race card with any criticism of the President, Holder, Maxine Waters, etc. you must be honest to recognize that this statement by Holder is expressly racist. You don’t have to look for the racism in the statement or create it out of nowhere, it’s right there in your face.

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  1. Racist Holder, not sure; he is however an arrogant elitist who would answer the poignant question from the honorable citizen from Idaho, not with truth or logic, but with derision and scorn.

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