Feb 072012

Proposition 8, that pesky California law that prohibits homosexual marriage, was ruled unconstitutional today. The judge, invoking Shakespeare, Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra, and jumbotrons, determined that the ban on gay and lesbian marriage was unconstitutional. No doubt there will be parades, parties, cut-off jean shorts, chaps with asses showing, feather boas, and fabulous fashion. But, we are all looking at the wrong thing.

This entire argument of marriage being sanctioned by the government, whether heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, monosexual, multisexual, is all ridiculous. What possible interest does the government have in this other than to dictate further into private affairs? Let’s look at this from a practical perspective. How many of you, when proposing marriage, thought to yourself, “Whew, I’m really glad that the government approves of this. Because if it didn’t I wouldn’t ask her to marry me.” NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THAT!

Imagine two young lovers, let’s call them Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is standing outside and Juliet is on her balcony. They are in love. Romeo, in a romantic voice says to Juliet, “Oh my dear, I love you so much. What we have achieved is perfection. I can’t live without you and I know our joining is destiny. I am so very happy that the government has blessed our marriage and will allow us to marry on the morrow. Our union is both blessed and government approved.” Ridiculous!

Rather than cheering or criticizing the Proposition 8 decision, it is more important to look deeper and recognize the fact that even addressing the marriage issue by either voting on it, or using the court system, fails to address the fact that the government should have no place in the marriage decision. Anybody who thinks differently is just trying to use the government to impose a view in conjunction with their own.

If you need government to approve of your marriage, admit that you are already defeated to the slavery of government dependence. Ask yourself, “Why do I care if Adam & Steve get married?” The only possible answer comes back to your wanting to impose your views on both Adam & Steve. And the only way to do that is with government force. Once those government shackles are placed on your hands and feet, they are very hard to escape.

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