Mar 292012

If you know anything about Penn & Teller, the magic/comedy duo, you know they are fan driven and very responsive to their fan base. They both make it a point to wait outside at the end of their show and meet the audience, provide autographs, and chat with their fans; every one of them. Penn Jillette, who touts himself as more than half of the duo…by weight, is also a well known and outspoken Libertarian.

At the end of a recent show, both Penn and Teller were outside signing autographs and attending to their audience. Penn would sign an autograph, take a picture, chat a bit, and turn to the next fan and say, “How you doin’ boss?” He would sign again, take another picture, chat a second and turn to the next fan and ask, “How you doin boss?” He did this well over a hundred times. “How you doin’ boss?”

It’s easy to sympathize and write well about Penn Jillette because of his views on freedom and liberty. Thinking about his, “How you doin’ boss?” made perfect sense. Penn gets it. He gets that those people are his boss. He gets the fact that he has to compete in the market and if, “the boss” isn’t happy, Penn gets fired. If Penn & Teller chose not to stay for their “bosses” after the show those “bosses” can spend their money on other employees. If the product is not what the boss wants, Penn knows that the “boss” will get the product somewhere else.

It may be a simple way to look at things, and maybe Penn is just going through the motions. But, when a lover of liberty, like Penn Jillette uses the word, “boss” it’s very easy to make the connection that he really, really means it.

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