May 212012

Chalk this one up to…um,…well there is really no way to chalk this one up.  A North Carolina government high school Social Studies Teacher, a supposed expert in the area of government, goes completely bonkers with one of her students.  The teacher, very obviously an avowed and very vocal Obama supporter, shows aggression toward a student who is defending his right to criticize the president.  The teacher, who is so obviously misguided, misinformed, or just a plain out liar, tells her student (yells at him actually) that criticizing Obama is a crime.

Here is a sample of the exchange:

Teacher: Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the President of the United States in this classroom.

The student replies that he’ll say what he wants.

Teacher: Not about him you won’t.

What is even more pathetic about this teacher is that the student actually debates and establishes his position far better than she does. It will be especially interesting to see with what crime they charge the student for recording the conversation without her consent. How long will he be expelled for having a recording device on government property? Doesn’t he know that he’s a terrorist threat recording the inside of a classroom? This will likely draw the interest of Homeland Security.

The real question is how do you deal with a teacher who is so obviously unprepared, uneducated, and incompetent in the classroom? Following the typical government school pattern of incompetence; give her a raise and an administrative position.

Or you can see it here without YouTube.  Teacher yells at student to respect Obama

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