May 252012

A senior attending a Lawrence, Kansas high school was suspended for cutting his younger brother’s hair into a goofy and weird haircut.  The haircut was done at the brothers’ home, off of school property, and with the permission of both the younger brother and the parents.  So, under every possible scenario, this was a completely voluntary act between all parties and with parental supervision.

The school did not care.  The high school administration suspended the older brother for an act of, “bullying.”  It makes no difference to the busy bodies at the government school that everyone was in agreement, permission was received at every level, and what the parents want or approve of.  What makes a difference is that the school knows what’s best and must be in control.

It would be interesting to see how the school would react if the student had cut his hair himself.  Would they suspend him for bullying himself?  If the school has a dress-code, does it prohibit bad haircuts?

What it comes down to is the fact that the government busy bodies are going to find ways to expand their reach into every aspect possible.  Even with complete assent by everyone involved, the school is going to dictate what is best.  And what is best is suspending a student in his senior year so that his school record permanently shows he’s a bully, a bully who asks permission from everyone involved, but a bully nonetheless.  Thank you Lawrence School Administration for protecting children from their siblings and parents.  We are all the better for your foresight and expertise on raising children.

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