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A reader of LibertyInfusion recently went on somewhat of a tirade on his Facebook page and revealed a revelation he experienced. While replacing a microwave oven in his home, he began to think about conveniences, how we become accustomed to something and then can’t give it up, and how that relates to a gimmee, gimmee, gimmee society. His rant went from replacing a microwave, to having to spoon-feed any task, to a generation that wants everything free and now. Reading his Facebook post is like reading a stream of consciousness based on frustration and realization that people want things easy, free, and will never give it up once it’s given. Here is a portion of his rant…unedited:

They complain there’s no work…..BS….it’s just not the work us Americans “want” to do…..! Kids don’t wake up and say “I want to be a welder, a machinist, a “real” auto mechanic….not one that just knows where the cable goes for a computer to tell you whats wrong, a farmer or a plumber etc,. You get the picture. Most people think they deserve to make $15-$20 an hour right off the bat. Hey you must crawl,walk, and then you can run.

It’s really hard to find fault with his logic. While we can all point to a few people here and there that may not fit this mold, far and away his post covered the overwhelming majority. Anthony Bourdain, before he became famous for his Travel Channel show No Reservations, wrote a book about his kitchen experiences as a chef titled Kitchen Confidential. In his book, Bourdain basically states that he does not hire Americans in his kitchen. He states, and there is certainly paraphrasing here, that Americans have a sense of entitlement, they don’t work hard, and complain endlessly when required to work hard. Bourdain praises the immigrant (the Ecuadorians seem to have a special place in his heart) as a model to work, work hard, and not complain about the workload. Bourdain has stated, “I was an employer for twenty years as a chef… I cannot think of a single time an American-born kid ever walked into my restaurant… and asked for a job as a dishwasher, cleanup person, or even an entry-level prep cook.”

Just as interesting are the comments on the Facebook post; ALMOST EVERYONE AGREES WITH THE POST! Here is a post, a rant really, about how lazy people have become and how the sense of entitlement is ruining American society. The comments then agree with the rant, but how many of those commenters have taken Medicaid, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Disability, etc? Maybe none, maybe a few…but, based on the latest statistics from the government that the ratio of working to those on some type of government assistance is shrinking considerably, it’s a good bet that some commenters have been on, or are actively on, government benefits. Even the Social Security Administration acknowledges that there were 160 workers for each retiree in 1940, that ratio is now 3 workers for each retiree. Think about the numbers when you add disability, medicaid, food stamps, etc.

The Facebook rant is merely an enlightenment, an “aha” moment, for what Libertarians have been saying for decades. Just look at the predictions of Milton Friedman or read Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom to see what was written decades ago, manifested itself in a simple Facebook post. It’s a good bet that few, if any, of the participants in the Facebook exchange have ever read Bastiat, Hayek, or Friedman. But they somehow know that what is happening, that the entitlements are running rampant, and that the people with their hands out are growing in number, is not a good thing. Maybe some of them might see fit to get a copy of The Road to Serfdom.

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  1. Glad you liked my rant and was able to use it as a topic

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