Jul 072013

Facebook is a fairly significant marketplace of ideas. A liberty movement Facebook page that started almost as a Ron Paul fan page gets active responses to issues posted by the host, Rachel. You can see the page on Facebook here. LibertyGirlRachel posted a meme created by the Tenth Amendment Center on the Missouri Governor’s veto of a bill veiled as a 2nd Amendment support bill. The general responses favored a, “hatred” of the Governor and the veto. Below was my response to the posts (you can see the thread on Facebook here):

Think this through, reasonably and not with knee-jerk reactions.

!) Did anybody read the bill? Really? We say re-call and shit-bag and post meme-pictures without having any idea what it’s really about. I have read the bill and I have read the Governor’s letter regarding his veto. You can see it here and decide if he is really a “shit-bag”: (See the letter here)

2) I am a long-time Classic Liberal who adheres, strictly, to the Constitution. But, there is no way that this type of legislation (there is a difference between law and legislation) would ever, EVER, pass constitutional muster. It’s, actually, BLATANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. You can’t claim to be a Libertarian, libertarian, Classic Liberal, or Anarchist (etc.) and then support blatantly unconstitutional legislation. Well…maybe the Anarchist can, but even that is tough to support.

3) There is no way that any state legislation can make enforcing federal law a crime. It’s absolutely ridiculous and a political ploy. Imagine the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Missouri being arrested by a local police officer because the AUSA enforced federal legislation/law. While some might welcome this unrealistic conflict between the states and the feds, it would not be something most citizens would welcome. A war between St. Louis Missouri and the federal government is probably not something St. Louis residents want to participate in.

4) Those of us in the liberty movement attack and criticize the needless legislation coming out of every capital and every legislature. But, when legislation suits us, we jump on the recall bandwagon. The idea of being in the liberty movement is to be free from legislation, to convince them to leave us alone. When we support legislation, it INHERENTLY infringes on someone else. Back when Conservatives were not the idiots they are today in the GOP, there was an incredible intellectual named William Buckley who was a master writer with an uncanny ability to articulate a position. Buckley wrote, “A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling ‘Stop!'” We applaud Gary Johnson for vetoing bills in New Mexico and criticize Gov. Nixon for vetoing this legislation.

On this specific issue, the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, was right in using his veto power on HB 436.

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