Welcome to LibertyInfusion, a site dedicated to thoughts on liberty, freedom and the greatness of being American.  This site is based on the idea that in the vast, overwhelming amount of times, people can do for themselves when they are required to do so.  There is no need for imposition or forceful direction.  It is also a fundamental truth that the easy way will become the default when presented.  It will be easy to collect unemployment compensation if it equals or approximates the the same benefits as a full work day.  That basic “easy” way is the way governments lull the population into a sense of dependency.  A slippery slope of trading liberty for protection and security.  This philosophical thinking is based on some basic truths:

Truth #1:  Government must have limitations.  Ultra libertarians may argue that government should defend our borders, and nothing else.  Those are few and are on the fringe of modern political and economic thought.  Then there are those who want the government in every aspect of life.  Their numbers are large and growing all the time.  It is this latter group who will be vexed by the writings and ideas proposed here.  It is those who think they cannot compete on their own, who require a group to collectively provide direction who will be most vocal and critical of the concepts written in these pages.  To be more blount, the coward’s who think that without the government you couldn’t be safe, you couldn’t have a retirement, your children wouldn’t be educated correctly, traffic wouldn’t flow, water would be dirty, planes would crash, ships would sink, and on and on and on will not agree with what is proposed here.  Those people must admit that they are incapable of standing on their own two feet, and need to prop themselves with the government safety net.  It is that fear, that there would be no order without government, which allows them to trade your freedom for the promise of safety and protection.  A promise the government is historically horrible at keeping.

Truth #2:  It’s always about the money and the power.  Many cities are now installing red light cameras which can monitor intersections for vehicles that run red lights.  The automated system reads the license tag of the car running the red light and sends a ticket to the owner of the car.  It doesn’t matter who was driving, the ticket goes to the owner.  Cities are installing these red light cameras based on the lie that these cameras make us safer by reducing traffic crashes.  Ridiculous!  How many people are going to slam on the brakes to avoid the ticket only to be hit from behind.  It is a revenue stream for the taxing authority that will bring in millions of dollars from traffic citations issued by these automated cameras.  This promise of safety and security runs from the local districts to the highest level of government.  They need to punish us for our safety.  How pathetic can we be?  Yet there are those in favor of these measures and will not only support these intrusions, but applaud them loudly.

Truth #3:  Power is a finite resource.  Although it would be impossible to put a dollar value on all the power in the universe, it must be acknowledged that power has an end and is not infinite.  For example, if an individual, say Joseph Stalin, were to be the supreme ruler of the world, there are limited assets, limited resources, and a limited number of people to rule.  That supreme power over all things living and non living would have a limitation; a set number if you prefer.  Lets say that the total sum of power is 100.  If Stalin had all of the power he would have 100, and the other 6 billion people on the planet would collectively have 0.  But, if some person, call him Adam Smith, were to take a grain of rice from a rice paddy to call his own all of a sudden Stalin’s power would become 99.999999999 and Adam Smith’s power would be 0.000000001.  This very basic example highlights the concept that when power is not concentrated in one entity, it must exist in another.  That power, when it is with, “The People” is the best, fairest, and most non discriminating form of liberty and freedom ever known.

There are other basic truths.  Those will be discussed in future writings as the concept and ideas are discussed, debated, and fleshed out in the future pages of LibertyInfusion.com.

Realize that the individual is the most important part of any society that enjoys freedom, liberty, and the continued path to prosperity.   We, just by being born or living in the United States, hit the life lottery.  It’s that wealth of opportunity that makes us great, not the monetary wealth.  We already won by default.  Yet the critics, usually those ingrates who are so incapable and inept at standing on their own, are the driving force behind government intrusion.  The opportunity to succeed on your own wits, drive, intelligence, and work ethic is boundless.  But, you are also free to fail when you lack any of those qualities.  When those who are failures, with no drive or ambition, demand the things that others have, the only way to get them is by strongarm tactics. Read, the government.


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