Feb 162012

Most good Classic Liberals are not too keen on being labeled, “Libertarian.” Maybe it comes from the perceived kook factor, or the idea that we don’t want to lose the label we had for so long before the modern liberal/statist stole our name. Anyway, a little libertarian humor is always a great way to identify with people who may hold your views, and educate those who may not understand. Self-deprecating humor is even better. This recent picture, from Continue reading »

Feb 072012

Proposition 8, that pesky California law that prohibits homosexual marriage, was ruled unconstitutional today. The judge, invoking Shakespeare, Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra, and jumbotrons, determined that the ban on gay and lesbian marriage was unconstitutional. No doubt there will be parades, parties, cut-off jean shorts, chaps with asses showing, feather boas, and fabulous fashion. But, we are all looking at the wrong thing. Continue reading »

Feb 032012

Operation “Fast and Furious” has been an absolute nightmare for the Department of Justice and for Attorney General Eric Holder. In short, the Department of Justice and ATF operated a gun smuggling sting operation that failed miserably. In typical government fashion, they lost track of some very heavy firepower which ended up in hands of the drug cartels and used against American law enforcement. Continue reading »

Jan 312012

Here is one for you: a man walking 2 lapdogs, off leash, in a National Park was tazed by a Park Ranger. According to the Park Service the man had no ID and was walking his dogs without a leash. When the man tried to walk away, the Park Ranger tazed him…IN THE BACK! Witnesses to the incident were in shock and couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. That’s right folks, you better have your government issued ID on you and you better not walk your lapdogs in a National Park without a leash. Once again, we see the ridiculous abuse of power. Oh, it’s worth mentioning, that dogs were not required to be on a leash just a few weeks before this man was tazed. Welcome to your National Park, walk right in, and get tazed in the back.

See an article about it here.

Jan 272012

There are times where the readers of LibertyInfusion use the site as an outlet for frustration. Here is an email from a small business owner detailing the frustration his small business faces every day dealing with government interference. Make sure to read the entire message as it has a surprise ending. The letter is published here without any corrections or modifications: Continue reading »

Jan 242012

The recent brouhaha concerning Mitt Romney’s tax return was finally settled when he release his tax returns earlier today. What, wait, what’s that? This just in, Romney releasing his tax return settled NOTHING! All it did is provide fuel for the class-warmonger’s fire. The Reuters headline: Romney returns show low tax rate; questions linger. There’s a real surprise. Let’s review this a little more. Continue reading »

Jan 122012

Welcome to the abuse of power’s worst enemy; the cell phone. Almost every mobile phone has some type of video or photo capability, and abusive cops hate it. There are dozens and dozens of examples of abuse posted all over Youtube made by regular citizens taking video of law enforcement acting unreasonably. The recent case of a Los Angeles law enforcement officer punching a, “special needs” lady shows the power of a simple cell phone video. But when the cops turn on the person filming, it reveals the true nature of the abuse of power. Continue reading »

Jan 062012

I recently ran across a very interesting little fact that didn’t really surprise me, but the more I thought about it the more it troubled me.  I then saw a video that incorporated the issue into the video.  The troubling little fact has to do with a Google search.  Specifically, what comes up when you type the following into Google: Continue reading »

Jan 032012

2012 is upon us and with it, the implementation of government laws and regulations to ring in the new year. Forty Thousand, that’s right, 40,000 new laws were enacted by federal and state legislatures became effective on January 1, 2012.

Don’t think for a minute that this is the total of laws, no sir. All of the previous laws and regulations are still on the books. These 40,000 are brand spanking new and are IN ADDITION TO the already existing laws. Continue reading to enjoy some of the deliciousness doled out by government. Continue reading »