Oct 292012

Blue tarps after a hurricaneHurricane Sandy, also called Frankenstorm, is getting ready to wreak havoc on the East Coast. There is nothing anyone can do to stop a storm like this. All anybody can do is prepare. It will cause, without doubt, tremendous damage and create multiple hardships. There will be thrill seekers who will face danger to get a picture or shoot some video. One of the most difficult aspects of the post-storm activity will be the loss of basic goods and services (i.e. water, sanitation, delivery and logistical) and necessary conveniences (i.e. electricity). There is one way to be absolutely sure that the goods and services get to where they are needed most: allow price gouging. Continue reading »

Aug 212012

With the school year quickly approaching, we are witnessing the social behavior of the human species I have termed the, “Illegal School Migration…or ISM.” ISM generally occurs in mid to late June of each year and continues until mid to late August. It’s the mad scramble of mostly law abiding citizens to find a way to get their children into the most desirable government schools. (I use the term government schools for what most, incorrectly, call public schools. There is nothing “public” about them. They exclude the public; even excluding those school aged children they pretend to be helping. Continue reading »

Jul 032012

A reader of LibertyInfusion recently went on somewhat of a tirade on his Facebook page and revealed a revelation he experienced. While replacing a microwave oven in his home, he began to think about conveniences, how we become accustomed to something and then can’t give it up, and how that relates to a gimmee, gimmee, gimmee society. His rant went from replacing a microwave, to having to spoon-feed any task, to a generation that wants everything free and now. Reading his Facebook post Continue reading »

Jun 092012

By now most readers are aware of the recent infamous statement made by President Barack Obama that, “the private sector is doing fine.” Presidential GOP candidate Mitt Romney jumped on Obama and the, “just fine” comment. The ironic part of both the statement and the criticism is that they are both wrong. Let’s look at the statement and look at why both of these fail. Here is what the President actually said, Continue reading »

Apr 262012

Jerry Meekins, a Vietnam Marine veteran who is suffering from terminally ill cancer, bought a ticket on Spirit Airlines to go visit his daughter in New Jersey. He paid $197.00 for the ticket. However, Mr. Meekins doctor told him that due to his compromised immune system getting in a closed area (the airplane compartment) with 250 other people using recycled air would not be good. Mr. Meekins asked for a refund; Spirit refused. Mr. Meekins then asked to reverse the ticket to allow his daughter to come visit him; Spirit refused. Mr. Meekins then requested that Spirit donate the money to the the Wounded Warrior project; Spirit refused. Spirit Airlines issued a statement which included, “Our reservations are non-refundable, which means we don’t do refunds and we are not going to issue Mr. Meekins a refund.” Many of you find this to be an injustice and will sound the time tested battle cry of, “THERE OUTTA BE A LAW!” The touchstone of government intervention into a perceived injustice. It is no secret that LibertyInfusion.com is a zealous advocate of the free market. The very recent case of Jerry Meekins is a perfect example of how the free market works. Continue reading »

Dec 152011

Friedrich A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is one of the most fundamental and required readings to understand freedom, markets, and government. Hayek explains how every greater wealth leads a society toward tyranny and, ultimately, serfdom. Written in the early 1940’s, Hayek was able to articulate the natural intrusion of government and was remarkable at predicting political and economic outcomes. Here are a few quotes from The Road to Serfdom: Continue reading »

Nov 092011

One of the things that has been discussed recently among the general population is the amount of government regulation. Most people don’t really care if some other guy is taxed or regulated. Classic Liberals / Libertarians have always taken, “the other guy’s” cause as their own. To try and highlight the ridiculousness of government intervention, let’s take a look at a recent government regulation being called the, “Christmas Tree Tax.” Continue reading »

Oct 112011

BEWARE NSFW! Here is an interesting take on what so many of us think. There is some harsh language in this video B. Now listen B, if you get offended by this language B it’s too fuc$%@n bad B. You want to hear someone talking straight about balancing the budget? Well, here you go! This guy gets it, why doesn’t everyone else? If anyone knows who this guy is, send him all the love you can.

Sep 092011

File this in the hilarity section of logic and reason.  Through some amazing twist of delicious fate, there was news of dealing with panhandlers through more laws and government rules to supplement my recent post.   A local newspaper addressed the issue and the different ways of dealing with panhandling.  Of note is the fact that never once did the article suggest to stop giving them money as previously suggested here.  But then again personal accountability and restraint are fringe/kook ideas so I can see why the newspaper didn’t address the market cure.  It did however have various locals discussing the issue.  Enter the hilarity part, and file it under the sheep-who-follow the-government-can-solve-all-problems file.  Here is a direct quote from the article: Continue reading »

Sep 082011

You know the game:  you drive up to a stoplight, a bum is waiting at the corner with a cardboard sign about how he will, “work for food…anything helps.”  You do your best to pretend that you are on the phone, or looking for your makeup, or doing sodoku, or solving a differential equations math problem, anything but make eye contact.  Inevitably, someone at the light will stick their arm out, thereby attracting the panhandler over to take the offered treat.  The scenario plays out dozens of times a day on that very street corner.  It’s been noticed and discussed at the highest levels of local government. Continue reading »