Jun 092012

By now most readers are aware of the recent infamous statement made by President Barack Obama that, “the private sector is doing fine.” Presidential GOP candidate Mitt Romney jumped on Obama and the, “just fine” comment. The ironic part of both the statement and the criticism is that they are both wrong. Let’s look at the statement and look at why both of these fail. Here is what the President actually said, Continue reading »

May 252012

A senior attending a Lawrence, Kansas high school was suspended for cutting his younger brother’s hair into a goofy and weird haircut.  The haircut was done at the brothers’ home, off of school property, and with the permission of both the younger brother and the parents.  So, under every possible scenario, this was a completely voluntary act between all parties and with parental supervision.

The school did not care.  The high school administration suspended the older brother for an act of, “bullying.”  It makes no difference to the busy bodies at the government school that everyone was in agreement, permission was received at every level, and what the parents want or approve of.  What makes a difference is that the school knows what’s best and must be in control.

It would be interesting to see how the school would react if the student had cut his hair himself.  Would they suspend him for bullying himself?  If the school has a dress-code, does it prohibit bad haircuts?

What it comes down to is the fact that the government busy bodies are going to find ways to expand their reach into every aspect possible.  Even with complete assent by everyone involved, the school is going to dictate what is best.  And what is best is suspending a student in his senior year so that his school record permanently shows he’s a bully, a bully who asks permission from everyone involved, but a bully nonetheless.  Thank you Lawrence School Administration for protecting children from their siblings and parents.  We are all the better for your foresight and expertise on raising children.

See the story here: http://fox4kc.com/2012/05/10/really-bad-haircut-leads-to-school-suspension-parent-says/

May 092012

Barack Obama supports same sex marriage.  Here is the article.  It’s big news and is, of course, scandalous.  Why in the world would anyone care about this issue?

Generally, those who are politically on the right somehow believe that if homosexuals are allowed to marry, that there children will be forced into some type of forced homosexual servitude.  Or maybe they think that a Seal Team is going to break down their door and force them to marry someone who is the same sex.

How many times has this conversation taken place with your spouse?  “Oh honey, I love you so much.  I am so glad we are married and share our lives.  It’s truly a blessing to be with you and to have the government approve of us being together.”  If you have ever had that type of exchange with your spouse then you are a total and complete loser.

At the core of the issue is our desire to force people to live like us, to be like us, to hold our values; and if they don’t, then we will have the government force them to accept our values.  The problem is that those values may not square very well with the life that, “they” want.  This is not to say that there are not limitations.  For example, no reasonable person, regardless of their political persuasion, would support marriage to children.  But, when it comes to consenting adults and what they do in private, and how they choose to live their lives, and the strides they make to be happy or to pursue happiness, government does not need to interfere…and neither should you.

Mar 282012

The Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott have decided that in order to deal with new synthetic drugs on the market that adding 5-Hydroxy-alpha-methyltryptamine; and 5-Methoxy-N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine to the list of illegal drugs is necessary. Actually, the new law which makes K2 (also called “spice”) illegal contains dozens of new substances with arcane and unpronounceable chemical names. The new law is testament to the folly involved with trying to make drugs illegal. It is the actual illegality of these drugs that makes it impossible to enforce the law.

In the good old days, police officers had a, “field test” kit to test for marijuana (the type that grows in nature and not manufactured in a lab). The officer would take a bit of the substance, put in into a tube with some liquids and if the liquid turned a certain color it was marijuana. Fast forward through over 30 years and billions and billions of dollars of the drug war and we get 2C-E (4-Ethyl-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine). The K2 chemists have absolutely destroyed the idea of the, “field test” and are so far ahead of the law that enforcement of the law is impossible and grossly expensive to the taxpayer.

There is no field test kit for 2C-E (4-Ethyl-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine). So here is the way enforcement of the law will take place: 1) A police officer will drive in a tax payer paid car using tax payer paid gas and go into a suspect store; 2) the law enforcement officer will use taxpayer money to purchase some K2; 3) the officer will then take the K2 and place it in taxpayer envelopes and evidence tape to protect the chain of custody; 4) the officer will then take the K2 back to the taxpayer paid building to process it; 5) the envelope will then be shipped, at taxpayer expense, to a lab with a taxpayer paid chemist to analyze the substance on taxpayer paid lab equipment; 6) If the substance is not on the list then the taxpayers don’t waste any more money on that sample, if, however, the chemist determines that the substance is banned then; 7) the chemist will make a report on taxpayer paid computers and send it back to the cops; 8) The cops will then use taxpayer cars, gas and tasers to go arrest the $7.50/hr store clerk who sold them the K2 and who had no idea of what the substance was, never used it, never smoked it, never ordered it from the supplier, never had anything to do with the substance except taking the undercover cops money. The clerk, who is now arrested for a felony, may have never even touched the item in the transaction. The clerk is then prosecuted (again at taxpayer expense throughout the entire criminal prosecution) for selling something that he never knew was illegal.

The most troubling part about this entire fiasco is that the K2 makers are able to modify the chemical composition very slightly such that it is not illegal under the statute. So a 4-Ethyl-blah-blah-blah is modified in the lab to become a 5-Ethyl-blah-blah-blah and it’s no longer illegal. Change a hydrogen here, a carbon there, and viola! your K2 is no longer banned but is still an effective drug. The chemists can release 5 new variations a year and once those are outlawed, release 5 more, and so on, and so on. The law will spend a hundred years trying to outlaw each variation, and the K2 chemists will simply change an oxygen atom on the 5th benzene ring and make the substance, “legal” until the legislature outlaws that. It’s a never ending cycle. The costs of testing will skyrocket as the testing will need to include more and more substances. All this to arrest a $7.50/hr clerk who sells a substance he may never have touched.

The efficiency at which the K2 chemists operate is a direct result of the illegality of marijuana. Rather than working on making natural marijuana a better product, they have concentrated on making “fake” marijuana a better, and virtually endless, product. By doing so, they have made it impossible to enforce the law. The war on drugs has resulted in a rebellion that is impossible to police. Congratulations to the legislature and to Governor Rick Scott on their new K2 bill. And pity to the sheriff’s and police who have to enforce the new law. But, the greatest sympathies go to the taxpayer and the store clerk who will be the most punished victims of this new battlefront of the drug war. 5-Hydroxy-alpha-methyltryptamine IS DEAD, LONG LIVE 4-Hydroxy-alpha-methyltryptamine!

Feb 072012

Proposition 8, that pesky California law that prohibits homosexual marriage, was ruled unconstitutional today. The judge, invoking Shakespeare, Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra, and jumbotrons, determined that the ban on gay and lesbian marriage was unconstitutional. No doubt there will be parades, parties, cut-off jean shorts, chaps with asses showing, feather boas, and fabulous fashion. But, we are all looking at the wrong thing. Continue reading »

Feb 032012

Operation “Fast and Furious” has been an absolute nightmare for the Department of Justice and for Attorney General Eric Holder. In short, the Department of Justice and ATF operated a gun smuggling sting operation that failed miserably. In typical government fashion, they lost track of some very heavy firepower which ended up in hands of the drug cartels and used against American law enforcement. Continue reading »

Jan 272012

There are times where the readers of LibertyInfusion use the site as an outlet for frustration. Here is an email from a small business owner detailing the frustration his small business faces every day dealing with government interference. Make sure to read the entire message as it has a surprise ending. The letter is published here without any corrections or modifications: Continue reading »

Jan 122012

Welcome to the abuse of power’s worst enemy; the cell phone. Almost every mobile phone has some type of video or photo capability, and abusive cops hate it. There are dozens and dozens of examples of abuse posted all over Youtube made by regular citizens taking video of law enforcement acting unreasonably. The recent case of a Los Angeles law enforcement officer punching a, “special needs” lady shows the power of a simple cell phone video. But when the cops turn on the person filming, it reveals the true nature of the abuse of power. Continue reading »

Jan 062012

I recently ran across a very interesting little fact that didn’t really surprise me, but the more I thought about it the more it troubled me.  I then saw a video that incorporated the issue into the video.  The troubling little fact has to do with a Google search.  Specifically, what comes up when you type the following into Google: Continue reading »