Jul 072013

Facebook is a fairly significant marketplace of ideas. A liberty movement Facebook page that started almost as a Ron Paul fan page gets active responses to issues posted by the host, Rachel. You can see the page on Facebook here. LibertyGirlRachel posted a meme created by the Tenth Amendment Center on the Missouri Governor’s veto of a bill veiled as a 2nd Amendment support bill. The general responses favored a, “hatred” of the Governor and the veto. Below was my response to the posts (you can see the thread on Facebook here):

Think this through, reasonably and not with knee-jerk reactions.

!) Did anybody read the bill? Really? We say re-call and shit-bag and post meme-pictures without having any idea what it’s really about. I have read the bill and I have read the Governor’s letter regarding his veto. You can see it here and decide if he is really a “shit-bag”: (See the letter here)

2) I am a long-time Classic Liberal who adheres, strictly, to the Constitution. But, there is no way that this type of legislation (there is a difference between law and legislation) would ever, EVER, pass constitutional muster. It’s, actually, BLATANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. You can’t claim to be a Libertarian, libertarian, Classic Liberal, or Anarchist (etc.) and then support blatantly unconstitutional legislation. Well…maybe the Anarchist can, but even that is tough to support.

3) There is no way that any state legislation can make enforcing federal law a crime. It’s absolutely ridiculous and a political ploy. Imagine the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Missouri being arrested by a local police officer because the AUSA enforced federal legislation/law. While some might welcome this unrealistic conflict between the states and the feds, it would not be something most citizens would welcome. A war between St. Louis Missouri and the federal government is probably not something St. Louis residents want to participate in.

4) Those of us in the liberty movement attack and criticize the needless legislation coming out of every capital and every legislature. But, when legislation suits us, we jump on the recall bandwagon. The idea of being in the liberty movement is to be free from legislation, to convince them to leave us alone. When we support legislation, it INHERENTLY infringes on someone else. Back when Conservatives were not the idiots they are today in the GOP, there was an incredible intellectual named William Buckley who was a master writer with an uncanny ability to articulate a position. Buckley wrote, “A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling ‘Stop!'” We applaud Gary Johnson for vetoing bills in New Mexico and criticize Gov. Nixon for vetoing this legislation.

On this specific issue, the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, was right in using his veto power on HB 436.

Oct 072012

Talk radio is dominated by, “conservative” personalities.  We all know the names we love, hate, or love to hate.  Rush Limbaugh, the 800 pound gorilla of AM talk radio has been around for decades.  But others are popular as well:  Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Neil Boortz, Todd Schnitt and many others.  Listening to any of these hosts, on any day, will definitely have commentary on, “the Main Stream Media” (MSM).  The MSM is, “liberal…biased…hides the truth…are shills for the democrat party…always help the liberal and condemn the conservative…”  But how scared are conservative radio hosts? Are they shills for the Republicans, regardless of the candidate? Continue reading »

Jul 032012

A reader of LibertyInfusion recently went on somewhat of a tirade on his Facebook page and revealed a revelation he experienced. While replacing a microwave oven in his home, he began to think about conveniences, how we become accustomed to something and then can’t give it up, and how that relates to a gimmee, gimmee, gimmee society. His rant went from replacing a microwave, to having to spoon-feed any task, to a generation that wants everything free and now. Reading his Facebook post Continue reading »

May 212012

Chalk this one up to…um,…well there is really no way to chalk this one up.  A North Carolina government high school Social Studies Teacher, a supposed expert in the area of government, goes completely bonkers with one of her students.  The teacher, very obviously an avowed and very vocal Obama supporter, shows aggression toward a student who is defending his right to criticize the president.  The teacher, who is so obviously misguided, misinformed, or just a plain out liar, tells her student (yells at him actually) that criticizing Obama is a crime.

Here is a sample of the exchange:

Teacher: Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the President of the United States in this classroom.

The student replies that he’ll say what he wants.

Teacher: Not about him you won’t.

What is even more pathetic about this teacher is that the student actually debates and establishes his position far better than she does. It will be especially interesting to see with what crime they charge the student for recording the conversation without her consent. How long will he be expelled for having a recording device on government property? Doesn’t he know that he’s a terrorist threat recording the inside of a classroom? This will likely draw the interest of Homeland Security.

The real question is how do you deal with a teacher who is so obviously unprepared, uneducated, and incompetent in the classroom? Following the typical government school pattern of incompetence; give her a raise and an administrative position.

Or you can see it here without YouTube.  Teacher yells at student to respect Obama

Jan 242012

The recent brouhaha concerning Mitt Romney’s tax return was finally settled when he release his tax returns earlier today. What, wait, what’s that? This just in, Romney releasing his tax return settled NOTHING! All it did is provide fuel for the class-warmonger’s fire. The Reuters headline: Romney returns show low tax rate; questions linger. There’s a real surprise. Let’s review this a little more. Continue reading »

Dec 072011

How much desperation can you fit into 30 seconds? A whole helluva alot if you are Rick Perry. In this ad he: manages to articulate homophobia by bashing gays in the military, establishes he’s a christian so children should pray in schools, and (apparently) children can’t celebrate Christmas. Huh, my kids are going to be pissed.

He states, “faith made America strong.” Funny, how Islamic Terrorists have a far more zealous faith than any christian I have ever met, (christians aren’t known for suicide bombings and driving planes into buildings) yet most of us don’t view Iran, Syria, or Pakistan as particularly strong. It’s pretty obvious that most intelligent people can state, very convincingly, that America’s strength comes from economic power, from production and free market capitalism. Generally, it’s very, very hard to pay the mortgage with faith as most banks want cash.

Perry’s last ditch effort to have his 15 minutes of fame extended to 16 minutes by invoking his faith recalls the famous Michelle Bachmann religion rampage that God is punishing us. Remember her stating, “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians,. . .We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here? Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.’” Hmmm, God told Bachmann to have the government reign in spending.

Rick Perry has now reached a level of desperation that is…embarrassing to say the least. Mr. Perry, head on back down to Texas, sign a few hundred more death penalties, and leave your desperation at the border.

Dec 042011

A 37 year old mother of 15, whose “fiance” fathered 10 of the 15 children (more commonly called, “da babydaddy”) was recently imprisoned is demanding accountability. As an aside, funny, the only picture they could find of babydaddy is a mugshot. Babymomma knows, “somebody needs to pay for me & my kids…someone needs to be accountable.” Listen to everyone, I mean EVERYONE in this news report; the anchors, the reporters, the interviewees. Amazing that not one single person comments on having 15 children and responsibility for those. It’s about how the system fails. What you are about to see is a bunch of mush mouth, pollyanna, cowardly attempts to somehow validate a complete lack of personal responsibility. No one will tell this woman that she created the problem. No one will shame her into recognizing that she created her own situation. Everyone will blame someone else for failing to “be responsible.” Guess who that someone responsible is: the State.

Nov 222011

The Supercommittee is dead, long live the Supercommittee. It’s death is the best thing that could have happened…and it’s resurrection on every budgetary matter would be equally welcome. Despite the general media consensus that it was a horrible and nationally crippling failure, there is a resounding success in gridlock reigning in government expansion and growth. Hooray for legislative gridlock and regulatory failure.

There is a school of thought, and has tremendous validity, that gridlock is good. The more the guys in Washington argue and disagree the more they leave us alone. It’s when Washington agrees and cooperates that we get the ridiculous rules, laws, regulation and spending on which we are now choking. Those of us who want to expand freedom and limit government generally know that any time those in power are fighting, liberty is preserved.

If the only way to reign in the exponentially growing government is to name a Supercommittee for every budgetary matter, maybe, just maybe, our children will get to enjoy a smaller government, and more liberty, than we do today. Embrace the failure, it makes you free.

Nov 062011

There are many of us who are not particularly endeared with being called “Libertarians.” The true name for those who believe in liberty being the supreme political tenet is “Classic Liberal.” The founders of Classical Liberalism philosophy include John Locke, Adam Smith, most of the founding fathers, and more recently Hayek and Friedman. However, so devoid is the modern liberal of ideas, that they had to actually steal our name. Hence, the idea of any Libertarian being confused with a modern liberal is so offensive that it becomes necessary to avoid the term “liberal” in any form.

Dr. Nigel Ashford presents an outstanding introduction to what it means to be a, “Classic Liberal” in the truest sense. It is, without doubt, that the explanation provided by Dr. Ashford encompasses the overwhelming majority of those who call themselves Libertarians. It is almost impossible to understand how ANYONE can disagree with these concepts, but we all know they do. Amazingly, tolerance is one of the tenets of being a Classic Liberal.