Nov 012011

It is very easy for the Republicans and the Tea Party to scream about the budget, but it seems very hard for them to have the integrity to actually walk-the-walk. The U.S. Senate today voted on a bill to cut the Rural Development Agency (yes, there is actually a government agency for that) by $1 billion. The cut was not passed by a vote of 85 to 13 with 2 abstaining. AMAZING!

What’s more is that those Tea Party favorites McConnell and Rubio voted NAY. There is no doubt that the general view of these Senators are generally known as wanting budget cuts. Why then would they vote against cutting $1 billion from the REA? Simple: nobody in Washington, NOBODY, want to name specific cuts. Everyone will tout the idea of a balanced budget amendment, or line-item vetoes, and the like. But when it comes to telling a specific group, “we are cutting your budget” these politicians run the risk of alienating a special interest group. By voting to cut the RDA, these Senators ran the risk of alienating the Ruralites. And let’s face it, we just can’t have that.

When our Senators, both Democrat and Republican, can’t cut a measly $1 billion (and it is MEASLY) from the Rural Development Agency, it is testament to the power of political cowardice. One would expect this type of vote from the Democrats and establishment Republicans. It’s easy to see that Tea Party rhetoric about out of control spending is just that.

See the voting here.

Oct 122011

“…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” 7th Amendment

Civil forfeiture is a legal process through which the government can seize and take property they claim in involved in criminal activity. So, if you let a friend borrow your car, and that friend (of course you have no idea) has marijuana unprescribed Xanax in his pocket, if he is stopped and arrested your car can be seized, taken by the government, and sold. That’s right, your car – even though you had nothing to do with the “crime” – can be taken and sold for government revenue. Do not confuse forfeiture with eminent domain. Eminent domain is where the owner is at least confiscated compensated for the government taking, in forfeiture the owner receives nothing. 100% of the forfeiture proceeds goes to the government. Let’s take a look for a moment at a forfeiture case that is current being prosecuted in Tewksbury, Massachusettes.

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Oct 022011

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry recently stated that, “It may take our military” to get involved in Mexico to help the Mexicans with their drug war. Without getting into too much about how futile the, “drug war” is, it is necessary to address the very notion that any politician, especially one who would be Commander-In-Chief, would deploy military troops to a foreign country to help them police their problems. Continue reading »

Sep 282011

Everyone knows that the government bailed out the automakers. While the stated purpose was to protect the auto industry, the bailout was really about preserving union jobs and making sure that the ranks of union members remained as high as possible because it was necessary politically. If you doubt that, know that as a condition of receiving bailout money the United Auto Workers cannot strike against any automaker that accepted government bailout money. Taking bailout money resulted in: 1) the auto companies being guaranteed a workforce that could not strike; and 2) it guaranteed the Democrat Party a union base it could protect with taxpayer money. Continue to see the video… Continue reading »

Sep 122011

While the addition of the Tea Party has certainly added a new twist to the Democrats-Who-Sit-On-The-Right-Side-Of-the-House-Chamber, more commonly called Republicans, there will be nothing new to see tonight.

Romney, who is too much of a coward to admit that Social Security is bankrupt will use that as a trumpet all night long.  Romney knows that old people are scared, old people like Social Security, and most importantly, old people vote in gigantic numbers.  Despite the fact that Perry is absolutely correct that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, Romney knows that alienating old people is a death sentence to politicians.  Romney will mind numbingly repeat that he wants to fix social security and he knows how to do it.  When the baby boomers retire in huge numbers, the baby bust that follows will never, ever be able to support all of those baby boomers born in the mid 1940’s through the mid 1960’s.  Who cares, Romney wants to fool everyone into thinking Social Security will be viable forever.  He knows that getting elected will require the votes of those who will be dead when Social Security will go bankrupt.

Perry, who likes power because it let’s him impose his will on the Sheeple, will talk about the jobs he’s created in Texas.  Funny, the overwhelming majority of jobs created in Texas were in the government sector and with the money given to Texas by Obama’s TARP program.  Perry  also signed over 200 death sentences.  We, the People, should never give our leaders the power to kill us; except for treason and only because that is expressly authorized by the Constitution.  Perry, like most Republicans, want power to impose his agenda and will on the People.  Don’t expect him to ever say that his goal is to give power back to the People.

Everyone else?  Who cares?  The media has already determined that this is a two-man race.  We would never expect that some kook like Ron Paul would get a serious look.  Really, that guy believes in individual responsibility and making people accountable.  Why would we want to pay attention to anyone like that?