Jul 022012

The elated Statists who support the Obamacare manda…er, tax are so enthralled with the Supreme Court’s opinion that they have now turned their sights to the States deciding whether to take the Medicaid provision that was struck down by the Supreme’s. Adam Serwer, writing for Mother Jones, writes:

Justices Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer, who were both appointed by Democratic presidents, joined the conservative wing of the court in arguing that the Medicaid expansion was unconstitutionally coercive—”a gun to the head,” of the states, in Roberts’ wording. But all that “coercive” means here is that conservative politicians would have to face the wrath of their constituents for refusing free money from the federal government.

That’s right, according to the leftists at Mother Jones, governors might face voter wrath for refusing the FREE MONEY to participate in the Medicaid portion of Obamacare/tax. So, it’s not only the gross expansion of the government by Obamacare/tax, it’s all that, “free money” out there. Statists actually believe there is such a thing as, “free money.” Based on the fed being able to print money at will and without oversight, they’re probably correct.

Mar 292012

If you know anything about Penn & Teller, the magic/comedy duo, you know they are fan driven and very responsive to their fan base. They both make it a point to wait outside at the end of their show and meet the audience, provide autographs, and chat with their fans; every one of them. Penn Jillette, who touts himself as more than half of the duo…by weight, is also a well known and outspoken Libertarian.

At the end of a recent show, both Penn and Teller were outside signing autographs and attending to their audience. Penn would sign an autograph, take a picture, chat a bit, and turn to the next fan and say, “How you doin’ boss?” He would sign again, take another picture, chat a second and turn to the next fan and ask, “How you doin boss?” He did this well over a hundred times. “How you doin’ boss?”

It’s easy to sympathize and write well about Penn Jillette because of his views on freedom and liberty. Thinking about his, “How you doin’ boss?” made perfect sense. Penn gets it. He gets that those people are his boss. He gets the fact that he has to compete in the market and if, “the boss” isn’t happy, Penn gets fired. If Penn & Teller chose not to stay for their “bosses” after the show those “bosses” can spend their money on other employees. If the product is not what the boss wants, Penn knows that the “boss” will get the product somewhere else.

It may be a simple way to look at things, and maybe Penn is just going through the motions. But, when a lover of liberty, like Penn Jillette uses the word, “boss” it’s very easy to make the connection that he really, really means it.

Feb 162012

Most good Classic Liberals are not too keen on being labeled, “Libertarian.” Maybe it comes from the perceived kook factor, or the idea that we don’t want to lose the label we had for so long before the modern liberal/statist stole our name. Anyway, a little libertarian humor is always a great way to identify with people who may hold your views, and educate those who may not understand. Self-deprecating humor is even better. This recent picture, from Continue reading »

Nov 222011

The Supercommittee is dead, long live the Supercommittee. It’s death is the best thing that could have happened…and it’s resurrection on every budgetary matter would be equally welcome. Despite the general media consensus that it was a horrible and nationally crippling failure, there is a resounding success in gridlock reigning in government expansion and growth. Hooray for legislative gridlock and regulatory failure.

There is a school of thought, and has tremendous validity, that gridlock is good. The more the guys in Washington argue and disagree the more they leave us alone. It’s when Washington agrees and cooperates that we get the ridiculous rules, laws, regulation and spending on which we are now choking. Those of us who want to expand freedom and limit government generally know that any time those in power are fighting, liberty is preserved.

If the only way to reign in the exponentially growing government is to name a Supercommittee for every budgetary matter, maybe, just maybe, our children will get to enjoy a smaller government, and more liberty, than we do today. Embrace the failure, it makes you free.

Oct 272011

Government school at it’s best. Hey, if you think about it, there are 10 words (although some are numbers and we should give credit at every possible stage considering the source) on the sign. 9 of the 10 are correct which, when graded, is an 80%. Hey, government schools teach math, as well as humor.

Happy Holidaes

Hey, it's close enough for government work

Oct 202011

File this under: You gotta be fricken’ kidding me! California is in such desperate need of tax revenue that it has recently started a traffic ticket amnesty program for unpaid traffic fines. That means, that anyone who has an unpaid traffic ticket in California that is more than 3 years past due, can pay the ticket for 50% off. There is so much wrong with this it boggles the mind. A few of the idiotic consequences of this action are: Continue reading »

Oct 182011

There is an interesting firestorm surrounding the Occupy Wall Street protests. It’s interesting to see the diverging viewpoints emerge from a movement that is so undefined and has no clear focus on what, exactly, it is about.  A quick visit to a couple of different sites will provide some insight into what is happening. Look at We Are the 99% and you will get plenty of information from those who support the Occupy Wall Street movement. The site is full of complaints and worries, but little in the way of substance. Alternatively, the 53% (in reference to the 53% of Americans who pay taxes compared to the 47% who pay none) posted their information in opposition to the 99%-Occupy Wall Street with stories of success (and failure). What comes from both these views is the fact that each respective site repeats the theme of being upset at the government bailouts. Continue reading »

Oct 112011

BEWARE NSFW! Here is an interesting take on what so many of us think. There is some harsh language in this video B. Now listen B, if you get offended by this language B it’s too fuc$%@n bad B. You want to hear someone talking straight about balancing the budget? Well, here you go! This guy gets it, why doesn’t everyone else? If anyone knows who this guy is, send him all the love you can.