Dec 222011

Imagine an Army soldier and Iraqi vet promising his children a tree house when he gets home from Iraq. What a great promise to your children. Now, imagine dad gets home safe and keeps his promise and builds a great tree house for his kids to enjoy. Ahhhh, what a beautiful thing to see a parent and vet keep a promise to his kids.

But wait, local government hacks arrive to be the Freddy Krueger to this American Dream. The City of Fairfax will have none of it. The zoning board received an anonymous complaint and the tree house was ordered to be destroyed or face penalties. Only after international outcry, on-line petitions and entire neighborhoods coming together was the tree house given a 5 year permit.

Although the tree house stands, look at what had to happen to allow children to have a tree house?

Local government at it’s finest.

Dec 162011

There are a select few people who are so inherently brilliant it would be impossible for them to go without recognition. Christopher Hitchens was one of the most brilliant writers and thinkers of our time. I remember, during my hard core Republican Conservative days (before I saw the light), how much I hated Christopher Hitchens. I MEAN HATED! There was no single person who I could identify who could inspire my ire as much as Hitchens. His hatred of Ronald Reagen and all things Conservative, who at the time was my idol, was without equal. I would read Hitchens, get absolutely pissed that he wrote so well, so eloquently, so articulately, so logically, and yet none of his ideas squared with anything I thought was true.

Then a miracle occurred: We BOTH changed! Around the time I started to severely question my Republican beliefs, his writings started to make more sense. But Hitchens was changing as well. His hard American Liberal, Statist and leftists views, were thrown aside in favor of more Classical Liberal thought. Amazingly, his view changed when the anti-smoking laws began to grow and he started to hate the nanny-state. His ire turned more toward statists and American Liberals.

When Hitchens, an avowed Athiest, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer (from his long-time chain smoking), Christians organized a, “Pray for Christopher Hitchens Day.” Now, this was not by chance as Hitchens had just written a best selling book titled [G]od Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, the title speaks for itself. To give you an idea of Hitchens’s power of thought and prose I’d like to quote a small essay he wrote in response to the prayers:

Even the nicest and most caring religious people are often unaware of quite how rude they are being.

For example, it’s extremely impolite to ask me how, if I don’t believe in your personal god, I can possibly have any sense of morality. And it’s also rather presumptuous, as well as illogical, to suggest that, now that I know of a nasty change in my physical condition, it’s surely time for me to be thinking of an alteration in my mental and intellectual state as well. Leaving aside those who have thanked god for giving me cancer and a future in the eternal inferno, the offer of prayer can only have two implications: either a wish for my recovery or a wish for a reconsideration of my atheism (or both). In the first instance, a get-well card – accompanied by a good book or a fine bottle – would be just as bracing if not indeed more so. (Also easier to check.) In the second one, a clear suggestion is present: surely now, at last, Hitchens, your fears will begin to vanquish your reason. What a thing to hope for! Yet without this parody of concern, religion would instantly lose a vast portion of its power. If I was to be wrong about this, then the faithful would have been praying for me to see the light when I was not dying. But this they mostly did not choose to do.

The deity whose intercession is being implored is claimed to be omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. It is fully aware of the situation. It can make me a believer if it chooses, or wave away my carcinoma. Why should it be swayed by the entreaties of other sinners? My provisional conclusion is that those who practice incantations are doing so as much for their sake as mine: no harm in that to be sure and likely to produce just as much of a result.

“. . . surely now, at last, Hitchens, your fears will begin to vanquish your reason. What a thing to hope for!” Like it or not, it’s brilliant.

Christopher Hitchens, Rest in Peace

Dec 152011

Friedrich A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is one of the most fundamental and required readings to understand freedom, markets, and government. Hayek explains how every greater wealth leads a society toward tyranny and, ultimately, serfdom. Written in the early 1940’s, Hayek was able to articulate the natural intrusion of government and was remarkable at predicting political and economic outcomes. Here are a few quotes from The Road to Serfdom: Continue reading »

Dec 072011

How much desperation can you fit into 30 seconds? A whole helluva alot if you are Rick Perry. In this ad he: manages to articulate homophobia by bashing gays in the military, establishes he’s a christian so children should pray in schools, and (apparently) children can’t celebrate Christmas. Huh, my kids are going to be pissed.

He states, “faith made America strong.” Funny, how Islamic Terrorists have a far more zealous faith than any christian I have ever met, (christians aren’t known for suicide bombings and driving planes into buildings) yet most of us don’t view Iran, Syria, or Pakistan as particularly strong. It’s pretty obvious that most intelligent people can state, very convincingly, that America’s strength comes from economic power, from production and free market capitalism. Generally, it’s very, very hard to pay the mortgage with faith as most banks want cash.

Perry’s last ditch effort to have his 15 minutes of fame extended to 16 minutes by invoking his faith recalls the famous Michelle Bachmann religion rampage that God is punishing us. Remember her stating, “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians,. . .We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here? Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.’” Hmmm, God told Bachmann to have the government reign in spending.

Rick Perry has now reached a level of desperation that is…embarrassing to say the least. Mr. Perry, head on back down to Texas, sign a few hundred more death penalties, and leave your desperation at the border.

Dec 042011

A 37 year old mother of 15, whose “fiance” fathered 10 of the 15 children (more commonly called, “da babydaddy”) was recently imprisoned is demanding accountability. As an aside, funny, the only picture they could find of babydaddy is a mugshot. Babymomma knows, “somebody needs to pay for me & my kids…someone needs to be accountable.” Listen to everyone, I mean EVERYONE in this news report; the anchors, the reporters, the interviewees. Amazing that not one single person comments on having 15 children and responsibility for those. It’s about how the system fails. What you are about to see is a bunch of mush mouth, pollyanna, cowardly attempts to somehow validate a complete lack of personal responsibility. No one will tell this woman that she created the problem. No one will shame her into recognizing that she created her own situation. Everyone will blame someone else for failing to “be responsible.” Guess who that someone responsible is: the State.

Nov 292011

Minimum mandatory sentences for any criminal offense are an aberration of the separation of powers. A mandatory sentence is an established mandatory for a conviction of a certain crime. For example, having more than 100 grams of cocaine carries with it a minimum 15 year prison sentence in Florida. The judge, despite having reservations about imposing such a high prison sentence, has no recourse other than to imprison for 15 years. While there are limited reasons to deviate downward, even those have been have been further limited by the legislature. Continue reading »

Nov 222011

The Supercommittee is dead, long live the Supercommittee. It’s death is the best thing that could have happened…and it’s resurrection on every budgetary matter would be equally welcome. Despite the general media consensus that it was a horrible and nationally crippling failure, there is a resounding success in gridlock reigning in government expansion and growth. Hooray for legislative gridlock and regulatory failure.

There is a school of thought, and has tremendous validity, that gridlock is good. The more the guys in Washington argue and disagree the more they leave us alone. It’s when Washington agrees and cooperates that we get the ridiculous rules, laws, regulation and spending on which we are now choking. Those of us who want to expand freedom and limit government generally know that any time those in power are fighting, liberty is preserved.

If the only way to reign in the exponentially growing government is to name a Supercommittee for every budgetary matter, maybe, just maybe, our children will get to enjoy a smaller government, and more liberty, than we do today. Embrace the failure, it makes you free.

Nov 092011

One of the things that has been discussed recently among the general population is the amount of government regulation. Most people don’t really care if some other guy is taxed or regulated. Classic Liberals / Libertarians have always taken, “the other guy’s” cause as their own. To try and highlight the ridiculousness of government intervention, let’s take a look at a recent government regulation being called the, “Christmas Tree Tax.” Continue reading »