May 082013

Think for a moment about how common it is to believe that others will not act the same as you and will not do the right thing. Assume for argument that as of tomorrow all laws are abolished, repealed, and there is no police force. What would happen? Answer truthfully. Now, ask this question of 10 friends. The answer will be, overwhelmingly, chaos! Women will be raped, murder will be rampant, children will be molested, cats will mate with dogs, and the Sun will rise in the West if it rises at all. When, however, you ask them how many women they will personally rape, how many murders the will personally commit, how many children they will molest you will get the standard, Continue reading »

Jan 152013

A high school English teacher in Chapin, S.C. was teaching his English class a lesson on the 1st Amendment.  Scott Compton, took an American flag off the wall and stomped on it repeatedly as part of the lesson.  As you can imagine, his actions have prompted outrage leading school district spokesman Mark Bounds to say, “I was in the military 20 years. I will defend your right to burn an American flag in the public square to my death. But as a teacher, you cannot bring your personal biases into the classroom.”  People are right to be mad, but they are mad for the wrong reason. Continue reading »

Jul 092012
Che Guevara

I attended a fairly large 4th of July celebration this year. It was truly fantastic. It is always amazing to witness the greatest experiment in freedom and liberty celebrated openly and without limits on the freedom of speech protected by that liberty. There were various groups exercising their free speech: abortion opponents had large photos of sliced up bloody fetuses, the teachers union had a booth pushing their union (the NEA) as the savior of children, the tea party had a stage and were giving speeches and awards to local activists. It was dynamic and never ceases to amaze me the vast swath of interests who utilize the freedom of speech.

During the celebration, I witnessed a very young adult, maybe in his late teens or early twenties, with a T-shirt emblazoned with the picture of Che Guevara. Continue reading »

Jul 032012

A reader of LibertyInfusion recently went on somewhat of a tirade on his Facebook page and revealed a revelation he experienced. While replacing a microwave oven in his home, he began to think about conveniences, how we become accustomed to something and then can’t give it up, and how that relates to a gimmee, gimmee, gimmee society. His rant went from replacing a microwave, to having to spoon-feed any task, to a generation that wants everything free and now. Reading his Facebook post Continue reading »

Jun 092012

By now most readers are aware of the recent infamous statement made by President Barack Obama that, “the private sector is doing fine.” Presidential GOP candidate Mitt Romney jumped on Obama and the, “just fine” comment. The ironic part of both the statement and the criticism is that they are both wrong. Let’s look at the statement and look at why both of these fail. Here is what the President actually said, Continue reading »