May 082013

Think for a moment about how common it is to believe that others will not act the same as you and will not do the right thing. Assume for argument that as of tomorrow all laws are abolished, repealed, and there is no police force. What would happen? Answer truthfully. Now, ask this question of 10 friends. The answer will be, overwhelmingly, chaos! Women will be raped, murder will be rampant, children will be molested, cats will mate with dogs, and the Sun will rise in the West if it rises at all. When, however, you ask them how many women they will personally rape, how many murders the will personally commit, how many children they will molest you will get the standard, Continue reading »

Mar 062013

The Florida Speaker of the House, Will Weatherford, told an emotional story about a younger brother who died of cancer. He discussed his parents having to receive help with the bills and he was glad there was a safety net. It was later disclosed that the government help was Medicaid. The Speaker, who is against receiving the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, immediately came under fire. The news media took aim at Weatherford for being a hypocrite. But is he really? Continue reading »

Dec 182012

Newtown, CT is, as you all know, the scene of the gruesome murders of children and teachers. As would be expected, the immediate and understandably emotional response has been geared toward the inanimate object, the gun, and away from the murderer. It’s more and more common for modern society to shift the blame and discussion away from the individual and more to “the group” or to some other object. Almost immediately, the media, the pundits, and the typical statist centered groups started the, “gun control” mantra.

Let’s begin with this basic fact: the siren song of no guns is a sweet tune that can lure the the most jaded and skeptical person. But, even the most naive among us recognizes that this is not realistic. Not even close to realistic. Guns are durable and can last lifetimes, guns are numerous and already well established, and let’s not forget that pesky Second Amendment. We all know guns exist and will exist for a very long time.

The reality of this is that it’s not about the “gun” as much as it is the “control.”  Quite simply, any discussion about taking something from, “The People” is about control. Whether it’s “taking” someone’s ability to make a living braiding hair , or “taking” their property, or to “control” if they can order a hot dog with bacon.  It’s about what “they” will allow “us” to have.

Rahm Emanuel has famously stated, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” There is no doubt that murdering 20 children qualifies as a crisis. But, as we are always warned to not act in anger or emotion, neither should we resort to giving more “control” without allowing the emotion to dissipate so we can think more clearly.

Oct 292012

Blue tarps after a hurricaneHurricane Sandy, also called Frankenstorm, is getting ready to wreak havoc on the East Coast. There is nothing anyone can do to stop a storm like this. All anybody can do is prepare. It will cause, without doubt, tremendous damage and create multiple hardships. There will be thrill seekers who will face danger to get a picture or shoot some video. One of the most difficult aspects of the post-storm activity will be the loss of basic goods and services (i.e. water, sanitation, delivery and logistical) and necessary conveniences (i.e. electricity). There is one way to be absolutely sure that the goods and services get to where they are needed most: allow price gouging. Continue reading »